The most commonly used flooring type when less contraction or construction joints are required

  • Joints are one of the greatest causes of problems in a modern warehouse. In Distribution centers the use of Equipment with small wheels is often not suited for saw cut joints because every time the equipment drive over both the edges of the joints and the wheels of the equipment would get damaged. This will lead to increased maintenance and repair works.
  • Jointless and semi jointless installations, greatly reduces long term maintenance cost for both reach trucks and floor maintenance.
  • Jointless floors have high quantity of steel fibre reinforcement mixed through the concrete before pouring to insure that the shrinking is evenly distributed throughout the drying process. There is still need for expansion joints for the panels to allow for any concrete shrinkage, but are significantly reduces. Steel Fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) floor slabs contain no sawn induced joints.

Jointless floors usually have construction joints with smaller openings and shrinkage is largely accommodated by the construction joints. In some cases a dry shake topping may be required to avoid fibres appearing on the surface. For detailed discussion we at FAM Flooring Division will be happy to meet you and advice on the best flooring solution.

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